The Story


My name is Hanna Dawson-Smith and I’m the owner, designer and creater of each Halo & Hurt piece. I’m Based in Melbourne, Australia.

My inspiration comes from so many avenues. I love the idea of adornment stripped down to its essence, a grandeur display of wealth and luxury designed to impress. I personally love to excessively “do life” and I feel this is reflected in my designs. Ostentatious in approach and demanding of an audience.
Colour is such an important design element for me. I mix metals, silver, all the golds, oxidised greys and blacks. Clash those colours, textures and build it upwards... to the sky. Bigger is always better.  I have a flamboyant love affair with costume and fashion drawing inspiration from old and new trends and a dash of pop culture.
I create each piece of Halo & Hurt jewellery by hand with careful detail bringing old world techniques to new world style. I also specialize in creating custom bespoke ‘one of a kind’ pieces working directly with my clients. If your feeling what I'm feeling please get on it, email me and lets make it happen.

For more information on commissioning your dream piece and to get a look into some past pieces please contact us here.